IMO M2M SIMs Overview

IMO M2M SIM cards offer the widest global reach, and the most flexible pricing plans for your machines to communicate with your infrastructure. Our unique SIM cards are able to roam across most of the planet, using a single and highly competitive price plan. The IMO SIM card does not hold a preference to the network it attaches to, always preferring to connect to the strongest signal available. This will give you complete peace of mind, knowing that where there is a signal, your device will always connect.

  • Coverage

    Over 150 countries are covered in our standard "Area 1" pricing, on top of this, we also provide a secondary tier "Area 2" pricing for specific requirements.

  • M2M Services

    M2M Security SIMs enriches products and services and enables remote access control, no matter wherever your business is in the World.

  • The M2M Data Plan Brochure

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    View our online M2M Data Plan brochure.