About IMO M2M


IMO M2M Benefits

Machine to Machine (M2M) refers to technologies that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same type. IMO SIM cards are built to last, using tougher plastics than ordinary SIM cards, and will withstand conditions more extreme than standard SIM cards.

IMO provide airtime M2M SIM contracts and M2M Connectivity across a wide range of industries, Connecting Machines with M2M Data Plans bringing your business many benefits such including Multi-Roaming SIMs that use a number of protocals including GPRS, 3G, CSD, SMS and USSD.

Common applications where M2M SIMs have been justified effectiveness include process metering, remote health services, advertising, device monitoring, security, vehicle and asset tracking, supply chain management, and automation.

Our team have the necessary experience and knowledge to assist you with your M2M requirements. We will identify any potential anomalies and work directly with our partners and internal resources to come up with creative solutions to any problem.

It's getting more frequent every day to visually perceive remote assets that are controlled, monitored or enhanced in some way by M2M technology. M2M's core value proposition, centers around cost savings, amending efficiency, increasing revenue opportunities, and fortifying industry-specific initiatives.

Overall the possibilities are endless, M2M enables customers to save time and money by optimising business processes. Cost saving remains one of the primary drivers for businesses to adopt M2M solutions today as the recovery of one misplaced diesel generator, for example, can cover the installation and running costs of an M2M tracking solution